JKT48 Untold Story

This was my first experience watching JKT48’s Senbatsu.

I got the ticket for meet & greet, so I was sitting in the VIP area and got a good view.

The meet and greet started a bit late, but it was fun. Started off with a Q&A session, then we had games with the members.

After the meet & greet, we were escorted to the VIP seats. I got a seat right in the middle, in 3rd row.

There were 2 shows for this event. The first part is called “Untold Story”. A bit different to their usual live shows, this show is a more of a story telling and mixed with some of their songs.

Members tell their stories on how being a member affects their live, including what they have done and their struggles to achieve their goals.

There were some tears while the members share their stories.

Dressed up in white shirt and jeans, Each of the team’s captain read out notes at the end of first part of the show and let go a bunch of ballons into the air.

Then they waved to the audience before they headed back to the backstage.

The next part of the event would be the SSK or the Senbatsu election. This is when they announced the election result and who will be the center for their next single.

There were some tears, when members get emotional.

And a scream of relief…

The moment when they announced that Ghaida is the 2nd position & Ve realised she will win the senbatsu.

Then the top 16 members pose for a photo.


Japan Trip #2

From Tsukiji Market, we headed to Ginza. It is only a couple of blocks away, so it is not far away.

While we walked toward Ginza, I play with my camera and took some random shots. Like these two men waiting for us to cross the road, and I wasn’t even looking at my LCD nor my viewfinder when I took this shot.

And there is the camera shop…

Inside a shop where they sell green tea…

In Ginza, we went to Kimuraya Bakery. It is considered as the birthplace of anpan and the oldest western style bakery in Japan. 

The bread is so good, especially when you eat it while it is still warm…

We went around Ginza, and found a giant snowman in one of the department store.

From Ginza, we hopped on subway to Shibuya. This is where Hachiko statue is.

I headed quickly to Nakano, where there is camera shop called Fujiya camera. The place is not too big, but filled with second hand cameras… lots of them…

And there also a shopping arcade in Nakano

From Nakano, I went back to Shibuya. I went around the area

The day finished with me chilling out at Starbucks in Shibuya. They have view of the famous and busy Shibuya crossing.

After that we headed back to our hotel


Japan Trip #1

Japan is a wonderful country to visit. We spend about 7 days there and have an amazing experience. We visit 3 cities, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. One of the sites that I really want to visit is Tsukiji Fish Market. Unfortunately, during our time there, the famous tuna auction was closed from public due to the peak period. Hence we only visit the outer market and a little bit of the inner market.

We started off with a breakfast at this place, Marukita Seafood Restaurant. The place is so small, it could only fit probably 10  people. I found a review of the restaurant here

I ordered a salmon sashimi rice bowl. Some of us ordered grilled eel rice bowl. They were so big and tasty.

It is a market, but everything is in order and clean. There are bikes parked on the street.

Along the road, we saw people do their shopping.

Many offer you some free samples. Most of the products we saw were food.

The alley is pretty small and quite packed that morning.

We also tried this ice cream. It is called Crema premium soft ice cream and it costs 500 Yen. The ice cream is so creamy. Even the ice cream cone tastes like an egg roll.

When we reached near the inner market, we can see forklifts everywhere

Even inside the market, people were hustling and bustling on their forklift. Some were carrying plastic containers while walking in a hurry.

There are many fish and seafood vendors inside the market. Everyone was busy doing their stuff.

A man cutting tuna fish, and while cutting the fish, he asked us where we are from and chatted with us.

Although the situation is pretty hectic, we enjoyed the visit. We were able to get up close with the fish.

Afterwards, we had a cup of coffee at Miyabi coffee shop, still in Tsukiji area, before we moved to our next destination.


My Fuji 35 1.4

Even before I got myself my X-A2, I have done a little bit of research on the Fuji Lenses. I want to know which lens is a really good one, and comes at a reasonable price.


Then I came across with these websites, Fuji-X Lens Guide and Petapixel that have very detail review on every Fujinon lens that is available at that time.

I finally made up my mind that I would get the 35 mm 1.4 lens. The website recommends about 3 lenses to own, which all are fixed lenses. But the other 2 were out of my price range, so I decided to get the 35 mm one first. My own take on the lens? Very satisfied!

As a fixed lens, it means I have to use my feet a lot in getting the framing I want. But the lens produces nice and smooth bokeh, while the object can be very sharp.

Oh, and another thing, I picked up this lens just before the price went up… So it was a good timing when I got this lens 🙂

Road Trip to Sawarna

It was last weekend that I joined some of my colleagues to a road trip to Sawarna.


The trip itself took about 8 hours by road and it was quite an uncomfortable one. The seat cushion is not comfy, which means that after just one hour, my bottom starts to sore… lol

It was designed as a full day hunting, where we arrived before the sunrise and departed after sunset.

My preparation for the trip saw me acquired a new tripod and an ND filter.

We had 5 spots to visit, which are good for photography.

We had a quickstop at our homestay before heading to our first spot by motorcycles (also known as “Ojek”)

The first spot is “Legon Pari”, where we were trying to capture sunrise and tried long shutter photography. As this is my first attempt on landscape photography of this kind, I tweaked around with my settings a bit before finally got the photo I want.


The second spot is called “Karang Taraje”. As we arrived, we were greeted by splashes of high waves hitting the rock around the beach.

IMG_0976Combination of high waves and very big rocks makes this spot unique. As the waves hit the rocks, waterfall-like effect is created. You can either trying to freeze it or shoot with slow speed so it creates cotton like effect. But better to watch your camera though, as it may get splashed.

IMG_0974We were supposed to go to another spot, “Karang Bokor”. But it was almost 10 am and most of the guys were getting tired. So, after breakfast, some of the guys were staying at our homestay. while some went to our third spot.

Until 2:30 pm, we spent the day resting at our homestay. It is far from a “Hotel”, but it is air conditioned so it is alright.

Then, we headed to our next stop, the white sand Ciantir beach. This time around it’s not just landscape that we were after. We also had two models. According to our Ojek driver, the beach is very popular with locals and tourists.

Compared to our previous spots, this beach is more crowded. We took advantaged of the boats around the beach as our photo spot and background.


Our last spot is  “Tanjung Layar”. This is where we were supposed to capture the sunset. There are two big rocks, which often being used as photo object. But since the beach was very crowded, we took our photos from another angle and can only capture one rock.


There is also a video capturing the trip by my friend Jhon, captured with a Go Pro Camera.

Overall, it was a fun trip. I learned a lot of things as I am very new to landscape photography and made new friends.


AEON Mall and Isyana Sarasvati

It seems that Indonesians just can’t get enough malls these days.

On its opening day, stories about how crowded the mall opening was mentioned a lot in the social media.


AEON Mall, a new mall in BSD and the first AEON mall in the country.

On the second day since it opened, I went there and… it was still crowded. I went there just out of curiosity and wanted to watch music performance. Scheduled on that day was a performance by a new singer, Isyana Sarasvati. I’ve heard her songs and read about her before, but never watch her live. So it was a good opportunity to see her perform and test my new camera for stage photography.

While waiting, they have some cheerleaders’ performance. They were building pyramid and jumping very high. My camera seems able to capture such fast action.


The lighting made my photos a little bit purplish…

And finally there’s a glimpse of Isyana. Shortly before her performance, she came out to pose for a photo…


She sang about 6 songs, including her 2 singles, “Keep Being You” and “Tetap Dalam Jiwa”.


She also sang some covers, like “Rather Be” and “Rock with You”


It was a great performance from her. At the beginning, people were sitting far away from the stage. Then she told everyone to come closer…


And I was able to watch her from this close


After performance, she took photos and signing autographs for her fans. And of course…. we took a wefie! 🙂